Our Vision 

Kawasemi Pipelettes is a small café and an éspace located only one minute walk from Zenpukuji Park. Though the size of the café is surprisingly tiny, the garden of the café offers a refreshing wide spreading view. It is the place that attract many birds and people each season because it's filled with flowers, herbs and plants. We offer you not only healthy food and drink, but also a space like a "hub" where everyone can find inspiration and get connected with new idea, people and activities.


The name "Piplelettes" symbolizes enjoyable chit-chatting time and space for customers and users, or else, simply portrays birds singing in the garden. Come and spend a special moment at Kawasemi Pipelettes with your friends and family!


Kawasemi Pipelettes cares about future environment.


◉Think and act ecologically

Kawasemi Pipelettes is proactive with numerous ecological activities with a slogan "Small action counts".

If you are someone who are willing to share your own ideas and experiences in terms of ecological actions or are interested in participating our activities as a volunteer, or simply willing to talk about it, please contact us: contact> 

① Food First

Our lunches, drinks and sweets are simple but we use only fresh and safe products. (Large part of our food are purchased from Seikatsu club co-op). menu>

② Plastic Free

We avoid using plastic products such as packeges, straws, take-out cups and wrapping as much as possible. The food products in the café are sold by weight. The customers who bring their own containers accumulates bonus points.

③ Disposal waste and compost (Join us!)

Organic waste will be processed in the disposal unit and transferred into the compost box. The compost that are regenerated from our organic waste will be recycled with soil in Pipelettes garden, which will re-grow plants and fruits we can consequently use for cooking. The goal is to create a self-sufficient natural circulatory system in a limited space in a large city. 

④ Edible Way (Join us!)

​We launch a new project called "Edible Way" which is to plant edible plants in front of houses, shops and schools. Learning the know-hows from the experts (Chiba University's Agricultural City Planning Dpt.), our objective is to build a self-sufficient and kinder community at local level.

The model of this movement evolved in Todmorden, UK and now spreading worldwide. 

Let's transform the city into farms!

★Edible Way action in other cities : https://www.facebook.com/edibleway/

★Incredible Edible, Todmorden, UK: https://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/

⑤ Rain water recycling (Join us!) 

Rain water is drained into a water tank and stored for gardening water. It is an alternative and feasible way of blocking the drained water goes directly into the Zenpukuji river. The flood of the Zenpukuji river causes sewage to flow into the river, that consequently pollute the river where animals can no longer survive and children cannot put their feet in. We also support the volunteer environmental group who are trying to improve the water quality of the Zenpukuji river. 

​★We are the official base of: 善福寺川を里川にカエル会

⑥Grass Roof (Join us!) (coming soon!)

In order to save finite natural resource, we are planning to cover the roof with grass, which has insulating effect to protect the inside of café cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter time.

⑦ Get connected world wide (Join us!) 

There are many groups and organization overseas who are proactive in terms of environmental activities. We are ready to build networks and collaborate with them.  



Hygge is a concept originates in Denmark, "The world happiest nation". Hygge is a state of mind; the way of spending quiet moments with your love ones, family, friends or even alone at home, at park, in the café wherever you feel comfortable. Kawasemi Pipelettes offers you the atomosphere where you can find some "huggely" moments away from the busy everyday life.


Each one of us has something "shiny" such as skills, exeperiences, ideas, or knowledges.  If we have a place to share such shiny parts outside of work fields, that may make other people happy.

Kawasemi Pipelettes supports those talented people who have unique shiny things. We are interested in gathering attractive activities as well as meeting potential participants who are willing to share what they love to do.  contact>


Check our event calendar and sign up events>

●Free space "éspace"

"éspace" is available for private parties, group activities, workshops, seminar according to your requests. (Thursday and Friday) Make yourself at home! espace>

●Common bookshelf

The bookshelf has the unique lineups that characterizes Nishiogikubo culuture. The books are accessible for all customers in the café. The collections are picked up by deep book lovers. Come and check it and widen the world through reading! 

 ”Small is beautiful.” 
                       E.F. Schumacher

〒168-0041 東京都杉並区善福寺1-30-9

Café Kawasemi Pipelettes


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