Boissons お飲物

Today's coffee (hot/ice)  420 yen  


Nelluco drip coffee    600 yen

dripped coffee served with Nelluco

Tea      420 yen  

Chocolat chaud     600 yen

Authentic French Hot chocolate with Verona75% 


​100% Fruit juice(orange/apple/Shiso/Grape/Tomato)    420 yen

Sparkling Juice(Shiso/Ginger Ale/Peach)     420 yen

BIO Herb tea of the seasons    420 yen 

Variety of herb tea imported directly from BIO shops in France (five assortiments)

BIO Red / White Wine

half bottle(375ml)  1200 yen   /    glass 500 yen

Beer (Heartland)

bottle (325ml)    600 yen


Déjeuner lunch

​Lunch of the week  1000 yen 


Curry and Rice with carrot rape​    880 yen

Curry for kids    550 yen


​NZ Toasties 750 yen

lunch can be accompanied with

drink +300 yen

drink and mini dessert +500円

Desserts Sweets

Weekly Dessert     Please ask us the special dessert of the week. ​​  450 yen 

Waffle with Hoshino natural yeast   250 yen 

Special Waffle with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, bananas, homemade cereal   650 yen

Scorn      200 yen

Homemade Cereal with milk/ soya milk/ or yogurt      600yen

Weekly Dessert with drink       780 yen 

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